About Hell

When I was about 7 years old, I was taken to heaven. Jesus held my hand as He led me down the streets of gold. I only remember seeing Him from the middle of His chest on down, but I knew it was the Lord. I saw the crystal sea and beautiful mansions. He led me up a path to one of these mansions and knocked on the door. A man I didn’t recognize opened the door and smiled at me so wide, I thought his cheeks would burst. He spread his arms wide and embraced me, and that is where my memory ends. I now believe that man to be my grandfather; the man my father never knew.

My next memory is standing in the shadows of the gates of Hell. I could see thick, dark bars of supernatural strength and I saw the gulf between heaven and hell. I felt so alone and afraid. The only thing more frightening that I have ever experienced in my 47 years the manifest presence of the one True and Holy God.

I saw heaven shining on the other side of the gulf shimmering in glory and adorned with all manner of precious stones, pearls, and metals. Unable to reach it, I felt it was teasing me; taunting me; torturing me. An angel stood outside the gate watching me. I begged him to release me, but he said, “I can’t help you.”

That is where the experience ended. While my encounter isn’t as dramatic as the accounts that some have shared, it was traumatizing a 7-year-old, and God knew I couldn’t handle much more. Years later, as I watched or read about other people’s experiences in hell, I noticed that each story was unique. Until then, I thought that hell was just isolation from God and inescapable fear, so I asked God how bad hell really was. He immediately replied, “Hell is so torturous that if Satan experienced all that awaits him for one second, he would be doing everything he could to make sure you never go there.”

Have you ever seen something so terrible that you said, “I’d never wish that on my worst enemy?” That is how our accuser would be after 1 second of torture.

Hell is NOT the kingdom of Satan. He has never seen hell. Hell was prepared for him AFTER he fell. It isn’t a place where you get to do what you want for all eternity. It isn’t going to be a party. It is an eternity of condemnation, judgment, wrath, isolation, fear, and indescribable sorrow. You were NEVER meant to see it. It wasn’t created for you, but if you do not accept the Way, the Truth, and the Life of Jesus and His sacrifice for you, then it will be your final destination.

Satan would become an evangelist after just 1 second, but Jesus spent 3 days there atoning for mankind’s sin.

Jesus loves you. Please don’t ignore His sacrifice. Repent and live.

Published by Paul Jason Wilhelm

I want to live out the Truth of God's Word and inspire others to do the same through the publication of stories and articles that will ignite Faith, Hope, & Love.

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