About Signs

As I was driving this morning before Sunrise, I couldn’t help but notice all of the signs emblazoned with light everywhere. Direction and travel information, businesses, billboards, and other advertisements on giant TV screens. Everywhere I looked there was at least one sign. No, I am not turning this into a dissertation about the Five Man Electric Band song from 1970.

I am saying that we don’t give any of these signs a second thought. We see them, understand them, decide if we want the goods or services offered, and either pursue them further or keep on moving. We know that if we see an advertisement for a steak dinner, we don’t pull up to the sign and wait to be served. Neither do we gather with other people who saw the sign and discuss how to interpret it. We instinctively know that those pursuits are pointless.

Yet, when we see a sign or a wonder that Jesus said would portend His return, we tend to either freak out and ignore it, or make camp around it and sing songs whilst wearing the obligatory tin-foil hat. This just makes us look silly, and that isn’t why He told us about them.

Jesus said that when you see these things to look up, for our redemption draws near! Not that it IS here the moment you see the sign. Signs are placed well in advance of a destination, so people have time to diverge from the path they were on, onto the road that leads them where they want to be. That is the purpose of a sign, and that is God’s heart in producing them: He wants to give us time to merge onto His path.

The restaurant you want to eat at won’t plop onto the highway just because you want what they have, and God won’t merge onto your path just because you wish it were so. The world would have you believe that there are many ways to Him, but there is only one, and Jesus is that way.

As wonderful as celestial signs can be to behold, we acknowledge them for what they are – just signs – and move beyond them to our destination and the one who produced them. Regardless of what may come in the days and years ahead, keep your focus on Jesus. He won’t steer you wrong.

Published by Paul Jason Wilhelm

I want to live out the Truth of God's Word and inspire others to do the same through the publication of stories and articles that will ignite Faith, Hope, & Love.

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